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Adults 50+


It’s obvious that those who are aged 50 and above have very different bodies from those in their 20s 30s and 40s. So it only makes sense that those different bodies, in turn, also require very different exercise programs.

Resistance training is very beneficial for people of all ages, but it is absolutely crucial for those in their 50′s 60′s 70′s 80′s and 90s. The reason is that until age 50, those who do not participate in an exercise program generally lose about 5 lbs of muscle every decade. After age 50, however, this muscle loss rate doubles to 10 lbs per decade! This loss in muscle tissue is a key reason why those 50 and older begin to add so much more body fat onto their bodies. The process only gets worse and worse unless they start to regain this lost muscle mass by participating in a sound exercise program.

Flexibility is also an especially important element of fitness for seniors. For every year we age, we naturally become less and less flexible. As we approach late middle age and older, proper flexibility training and stretching become increasingly important.

Here at MM Personal Fitness, seniors will find that the workouts have the beautiful combination of being both extremely safe and highly effective. Combine that with extra stretching time in your session and us helping you eat clean every meal of the day you will leave you feeling better than you have in years!

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