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Post pregnancy weight gain, obesity, osteoporosis, body image issues, lack of exercise intensity, nutritional confusion, cellulite, saggy arms, back fat, inner thigh “friction”, low energy, poor sleep patterns, poor posture (caused from lack of postural muscles), and lack of upper body strength are some of the biggest problems women encounter with their health and well-being.

Women are prime candidates to participate in sound strength training programs. Have you ever noticed that women have a much more difficult time dropping pounds than men? Physiologically, women don’t have nearly the amount of muscle mass as men do. Increased muscle mass will speed up your metabolic rate, which doesn’t just help you take fat off of your body, it also KEEPS IT OFF.

Don’t worry about becoming too muscular because participating in a customized strength training program, focused on high repetitions, will give you the feminine, sexy shape that you are looking to attain. Think of strength training as the “secret weapon” in your fat loss endeavors. Cardiovascular exercise alone (as most women typically do) simply won’t deliver the results your looking for!

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